Creating an Exercise Routine As a Mom

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I often joke that one of my strongest qualities as a Mom is my ability to get overwhelmed. From the little things such as blowouts, laundry piling up, scrapes, wipes not coming out of the package correctly, to the big stuff like the doctors, high fevers, to choosing who will take care of them when you need to work. So for me adding exercising and self care to my already hectic day feels out of the question.

But when you think about the little tiny life that you created, they deserve the absolute best version of you and the version of you that will live for as long as possible. That means we do need to find ways to keep ourselves healthy so that not only will we be around to watch our babies grow, but we will be around to one day watch their babies grow too. Start by focusing on small things you can do. This can be chasing your toddler around outside, taking your baby for a walk, or working on breathing routines to begin rehabbing your core (this is actually better than doing a bunch of sit-ups). Once you begin adding those into your routine, the thought of going to a gym won’t feel as big of a task.

If you are looking for some breathing techniques and at home workouts to begin postpartum or you are looking for a baby friendly gym, fill out your info and I will be in touch! From one Mom to another we NEED each other’s support!!

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