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The community atmosphere is fantastic. There are members at every fitness level, from beginners to competitive athletes, and we all root and support each other during the workout. The coaches scale the work out to each member's ability. I am doing things I never thought I could without injury or pain.
I was looking for barbell specific coaching and my current gym didn't have a program so I joined Red Eye's barbell club! The coaching I have received has been outstanding. Eric has helped me improve my technique and form on all my lifts and I'm feeling stronger than ever! It's also refreshing to have a great community to lift with!
I get more out of Burpees and Babies mentally and physically then I can explain, just to be around other new moms who understand the whirlwind postpartum can be, force myself out the door, burn baby weight, get stronger, gain confidence, learn how to breathe and to let go!

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