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Olympic Weightlifting IN Wallingford, CT

Olympic Weightlifting

USAW Barbell Club

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Red Eye CrossFit Snatch and Clean + Jerk Training

Learn and Gain Proficiency in the Snatch + Clean and Jerk

Want extra time to focus on the Olympic lifts in a coached environment? Been stuck at the same weight for awhile and want to break through? Our team of USAW certified coaches can help. We offer 3 coached Olympic Weightlifting classes weekly, all levels welcome!

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RedEye Barbell Competition Team

Want to compete in Olympic Weightlifting? Our team regularly competes in local and National Weightlifting meets. Well train you, walk you through the meet process and coach you on meet day!

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Remote Weightlifting Coaching

Want programming and coaching but don’t live near RedEye? No problem! Join our team and work one-on-one with a coach through our training app and receive video analysis to help you reach your goals!

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