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Red Eye Crossfit Group Class Schedule

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Group training

During group training classes you will receive hands-on coaching support to make sure you’re getting the most out of each class. Each workout is programmed to challenge all ability levels and provide a supportive, fun and community-based environment that makes group fitness so rewarding. Workouts incorporate CrossFit, Hypertrophy and HITT components.

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Burpees and Babies

Becoming a part of Burpees and Babies gives you the opportunity to return to fitness safely after having a baby with Moms all in the same shoes as you! Each class is spent sharing helpful resources, learning breathing techniques to strengthen your core and pelvic floor, utilizing Dumbbells, bands and Kettlebells to increase overall strength and increasing your stamina and endurance with a short yet very effective workout! Babies are welcomed and encouraged to join you!

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USAW Barbell

During olympic weightlifting classes you will learn the fundamentals of the Snatch and Clean & Jerk with a focus on moving well and technique proficiency. For those looking to compete, you will be a part of a competitive weightlifting program geared towards competing at local, national and international levels.



At Red Eye we have an onsite certified Yoga Coach whom provides Yoga and stretching classes to our members as part of their regular monthly memberships!  These classes are great opportunities for our members to take a step back and focus on stretching their bodies and relaxing their minds.

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